Here are a list of some of the most commonly asked questions:

How do I use the ‘Subconsciously’ app

 – you can listen to it using earphones in any comfortable setting where you don’t have to concentrate on anything else.

How often should I be listening?  – we recommend listening regularly for the first month (at least once a week) 

What is the best subscription package for me?

– the longer the use of the app the stronger the reinforcement and better the results. 12 months minimum is most effective.

What is the subconsciously app? – a hypnosis app consisting of audio hypnotherapy treatments created by Aaron Surtees. 

Who is Aaron Surtees? – Aaron runs London’s most recommended hypnotherapy practice City Hypnosis, with 20 years experience treating a wide variety of clients that include well known celebrities, sports stars and leading figures across multiple fields. He created his “Surtees Method” hypnosis in 2010

What is hypnosis? – it’s a state of relaxed heightened awareness where the subconscious is receptive to suggestion.

What is hypnotherapy? – the use of hypnosis within therapy 

How effective is hypnosis/hypnotherapy? – it’s typically highly effective and quick acting

How effective is the app compared to in person treatment? – the app works very similar to in person sessions. Using his 20 year knowledge the app is like having a treatment session or like having Aaron “in your pocket”. 

What is stage hypnosis in comparison? – stage hypnosis is a world apart from therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It uses the showmanship of the stage hypnotist and the participants willing participation in entertainment. It’s essentially 95% showmanship and 5% hypnosis.