How often should I listen to my programme?

Try to listen to your programme once a day for the first week. Alternatively, if you find that listening every other day for two weeks works better for your lifestyle, that’s also fine. After that initial 1-2 week period, you can reduce listening to once a week. Over the longer term, continue to listen at least twice per month, or until you feel that Subconsciously has worked its magic.

We advise repeated listening to a programme so that you engrain in your subconscious mind the changes you desire. Some hypnotherapists suggest a certain amount of total hours in self-hypnosis to achieve results. At Subconsciously, we recognise that everybody is different and we don’t give hard and fast rules. But we have certainly found that regularity and consistency brings about the best results for Subconsciously users.

Neuroscience research has shown that repeated activity embeds thoughts and behaviours in our brains that create strong neural pathways. This is how behaviours can become ‘automatic’ in humans. Of course, being human, we often embed unhealthy habits. Through repetition of positive messaging, Subconsciously helps you to erase those negative thoughts, unlearn unhelpful patterns and replace them with wonderful new approaches. Think of it as a kind of extended mantra that you are absorbing over time. Every time you listen to your programme you are overwriting your old ways of thinking and doing. The grass is growing over the old ways, and new flowers are springing up. You are letting go of the old you and becoming a new version of yourself.

N.B. We also suggest focusing on just one programme (or programmes that relate to your specific issue) exclusively for at least the first week. Avoid listening to a variety of different, unrelated programmes, so that your subconscious mind can really soak up what it needs. Deal with one issue at a time. Trying to solve many problems at once may seem time effective, but your mind is a complex thing. Don’t overload it, be kind to yourself.

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