Science has proven the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on anxiety

  • The latest science from the world’s top neuroscientists has proven that hypnotherapy can relieve symptoms and remove issues of anxiety completely.
  • The human brain is elastic. MIT’s Dr Tara Swart says that our brains are, “malleable, flexible and able to shift physically and psychologically.”
  • Hypnosis taps into that malleability and can eliminate any unwanted traits or automatic behaviours determined by the patient, such as anxiety.
  • Professor David Spiegel of Stanford University tells us that by engaging our limbic system – where our emotions and memories live – hypnosis reframes our emotional responses and configures new responses.
  • For those suffering from anxiety this means these automatic anxious thoughts buried in our subconscious can be ‘re-programmed’ to whatever we desire.
  • If you have ever tried to resolve issues of anxiety with other means such as will power, self help books or traditional therapy, you know it can be very hard.
  • With hypnosis, all of the grind is removed. You quite literally lie back and let it happen. Rather than you trying to solve your issue, you’re letting hypnosis solve it for you.
  • And at no point in hypnosis do you lose control. You’re in a deeply relaxed state of mind, but you are conscious and fully in control, and your brain is absorbing the positive suggestions that you hear.


“Hypnosis is not mind control but a powerful means of enhancing your control over mind and body.”

David Spiegel, Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University

“Subconsciously is helping me stay on top of my mental health.”


“My mindset has totally changed … I couldn’t be happier.”

Carol Anne

“I am more in control of my mind, rather than being controlled by it.”

Aaron Surtees

Aaron is the BBC’s go-to hypnotherapist and has featured on BBC Extra Breakfast and Simon Mayo’s Drivetime, as well as on Sky TV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and multiple publications, including The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider and others.

  • Subconsciously is the brainchild of the UK’s leading hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees. As a hypnotherapist to celebrities, athletes and CEOs, Aaron has spent 20 years treating millionaires, actors and barristers at his in-person practice in the heart of central London.
  • In that time, he has developed a bespoke form of hypnosis, the self-styled Surtees Method which has cured over 30,000 people of multiple issues. The method has a success rate of helping 95% of clients conquer their anxiety.
  • It tackles the everyday psychological or physical symptoms and, over the course of a session of programmes, eliminates the problem altogether.
  • Now, Aaron has made those years of premium-level hypnotherapy accessible to all. Not just high-flyers in the city, anyone across the UK and worldwide can experience the Surtees Method on the Subconsciously app.

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