At what time should I listen to my programme?

Every Subconsciously user is a unique person with individual personalities, lifestyles and responsibilities. We won’t dictate to you when you should listen to a programme – quite honestly you can listen any time of day or night – but we can suggest times that we have found to work well. 

For example, just before bedtime, or even when you are in bed before you sleep,  is often a good time to settle down and listen to your programme. It’s a time of day when you have more space to devote time and attention to your session. The activities, stresses and thoughts of the day are washing away. Your brain energy is beginning to wind down, putting you into the headspace where your subconscious mind is most receptive and suggestible.

The fact that you will, hopefully, fall asleep after the programme, means that you’re likely to store the messages you’ve heard in your memory and subconsciously access them upon waking.

If your life is such that your mornings present more free time than your evenings, then use that time to listen to your Subconsciously programme, and set yourself up positively for the day ahead.

Ultimately, what achieves the best results at any time of day is making sure that you dedicate your Subconsciously time to yourself and to your self-hypnosis session. Don’t try to grab a quick listen, in between other tasks or chores – unless of course you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of immediate soothing! Set out a portion of time in the day in which you are your number one priority, with no distractions, and sink into your session.

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