Many people are intrigued to know how hypnotherapy on an app compares to hypnotherapy in person.

The short answer is: people benefit from both equally, but a combination is best!

Indeed, those who gained the most positive outcomes said that they combined the two forms of treatment- attending in-person sessions at City Hypnosis every few weeks, or even monthly, and complementing that by using the Subconsciously app on a daily basis, or every few days.

Some clients switched from in-person to the Subconsciously app because of how easy it was to access. One client told us that after making the switch he now couldn’t imagine life without Subconsciously.

The audio hypnosis programmes on the app are all recorded by Aaron using high-definition, high-precision sound.

This picks up all the nuances, tones and rhythms of Aaron’s expertly-honed hypnosis technique – the Surtees Method.

So, when you listen to a Subconsciously session – preferably with noise cancelling headphones and in a quiet, dimly-lit, private space like your bedroom – it very much recreates the same ambience as if you were in Aaron’s treatment room.

The main differences are:

  • After an app session, you can sit with your thoughts, meditate, chill. After an in-person treatment, you’ll be travelling home, or to work, while the benefits of the session absorb into your subconscious mind.
  • On the app you can pause if you need to, and even rewind.
  • The app gives you access to multiple programmes depending on your subscription level, compare to an in-person session which focuses on one specific issue on each treatment.
  • The price! We’ve put together different packages on the app, but all of the subscription prices are affordable and considerably cheaper than an in-person treatment.

For people who are ‘time poor’ – i.e. extremely busy most days – they find that the app perfectly suits their needs. They may not stop rushing around with work, family and leisure commitments until the evening, when it’s too late to book an in-person hypno session. The Subconsciously app is right there in their pocket, available at the touch of a button, night or day.

Whatever your needs, if you have more questions about both types of hypnotherapy, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page and Aaron will be on hand to answer your query.