You may have noticed when you listen to your programme there is ambient noise playing gently in the background. These are relaxing noises, such as the watery sounds of a river flowing. They are intended to work in tandem with Aaron’s voice to help lull you into your hypnosis. 

However, there is the option to turn the ambient noises off – if you find that the sessions work better for you with just Aaron’s voice alone.

Simply tap on the ‘Ambient Music On’ text to switch it off.

You’ll also notice an introduction to each session. This is part of the hypnosis process. Aaron’s voice, and the words he’s saying, are taking you away from the conscious world around you and into your subconscious, suggestible headspace.

The introduction is important, and although you will have heard it before, we recommend you listen to the sessions in full, every time, to get the maximum benefits from your Subconsciously session. This is because when Aaron moves from the intro to the specific messages relating to your issue, you are perfectly in the zone to receive them.