Woman measures her weight loss after gastric band hypnosis

If you’re reading this then it’s probably because you want to lose weight. You’ve already discovered that losing weight requires willpower, haven’t you?

How do you obtain that willpower? Why do you always feel like you’re hungry and need to eat? What would make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off? 

These are common questions I hear all the time from clients who have tried so many methods but still continue to gain weight rather than lose it.

The good news is that if you’ve made it this far along your journey then you’ve got what it takes: self-belief. And that’s the best possible start. 

The next step is how to tell your brain that! This is where gastric band hypnosis enters the chat. 

What you are about to read can help you avoid costly mistakes. I had a client who spent thousands of pounds having a gastric band fitted on his stomach. He lost a bit of weight. But when he had the gastric band removed, he put all the weight back on within six months. 

When he came to me he’d lost all self-belief and self-control. He rediscovered his willpower—and lost even more weight than before—through gastric band hypnosis.

Gastric bands explained

So firstly, what is a gastric band? You may have heard of the concept but never looked into how it works in practice. 

Here’s a simple explainer:

A gastric band (also known as bariatric surgery) is a physical device that is fitted at the top of your stomach to limit the amount of food you can eat. It requires a surgical procedure and makes it almost physically impossible to overeat and therefore leads to weight loss.

It is often the last resort offered to patients who have tried many different ways to lose weight, unsuccessfully. While you might qualify to get a gastric band fitted for free on the NHS, most patients go private and pay thousands of pounds for the procedure.

Success rates of gastric bands depend on a person’s ability to eat healthily. If you eat a poor diet heavy in saturated fats, sugars, ultra-processed foods and carbohydrates you are less likely to lose weight, even though you’re eating smaller amounts. 

Success also relies on the gastric band functioning properly without any technical issues or side effects. Without wishing to make them sound like a horrorshow, problems do occur. Problems like leaks, blockages and slippages. 

These can lead to unpleasant and potentially dangerous risks, like infections, nausea, stomach pains and trouble going to the toilet. 

Sounds risky? Complicated? Well, yes, it is. 

So, what if I told you that you could have a gastric band fitted without actually having a gastric band fitted?

Through the power of hypnosis, truly anything is possible. Read on to discover how gastric band hypnosis can achieve the weight loss you crave, through the power of your subconscious mind.

How gastric band hypnosis works

Through hypnotherapy, you can be fitted with a virtual gastric band. By which I mean, hypnosis can convince you that you have had a physical gastric band fitted to your stomach—limiting how much food you can eat—when in reality you haven’t.

The science of how your relaxed, hypnotised subconscious receives and accepts these suggestions is complex, but the reality is that virtual gastric band fittings have helped many people to lose weight.

After a course of sessions, your brain will re-train itself to believe that your stomach is much smaller than it really is. You will eat smaller portions because you will feel full after a sensible, normal amount of food.

What is a virtual gastric band?

With a virtual gastric band fitted (in your mind rather than your stomach) you will feel like there is a real gastric band around your stomach. 

How? During hypnosis sessions, a hypnotherapist like me can access your subconscious mind. By giving the necessary suggestions to your subconscious you will be convinced of them when you are consciously awake and present in everyday life.

Once in your hypnotised state, the therapist will describe the operation step-by-step. Every part of the real-life surgery will be described and implanted in your mind. You will emerge feeling like your physical medical procedure has been carried out.

With the virtual gastric band, your brain believes that your stomach is smaller. You will feel full, and satisfied, by smaller amounts of food. It is as if you have had the real surgical operation. Your mind achieves the real, tangible, physical outcome of weight loss.

You can avoid the risks of surgery, and the expense of fitting a physical device, through gastric band hypnosis.

Later I will explain how you can even do this using a self-hypnosis app. Which means you may not even need to attend a hypnotherapy session.

Why you should opt for gastric band hypnosis

As well as stopping you eating more than you need to, having gastric band hypnosis will help change your bad habits over the long-term. A good hypnotherapy session will address your lifestyle and instil in your subconscious the positive changes you need. 

That means that as well as feeling like you’ve been fitted with the gastric band and decreasing your food intake, hypnosis sessions can also instil messages around exercise, healthy-eating and positive body image, which is hugely helpful in building confidence.

What are the benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy?

Unlike drastic surgery or dieting, hypnosis is a safer and healthier way to lose weight. It also comes with positive boosts to your self-esteem, which might not be present from having your stomach stapled through surgery or counting calories and taking the joy out of eating.

Studies like this clinical trial on 60 obese patients with sleep apnoea show that hypnotherapy is a more effective way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss than dieting. 

Here’s what some of my former clients say

Clients who have seen me for weight loss tell me they’ve had lasting, incredible success. This makes me happy in so many ways, not just that it proves the effectiveness of the treatment but that they have achieved such huge personal milestones.

Carol, 42, London — “It makes you feel empowered”

“I lost 56 lbs through Aaron’s hypnotherapy and kept it off. It made me feel amazing. I travel the world, I feel sociable, I no longer have problems going out. My eating patterns have changed completely and I don’t crave sweets or crisps. I feel confident in mind and body.”

Kiran, 35, Midlands — “The Surtees method broke a 10-year pattern of bad eating habits”

“For five years I’ve had a healthier lifestyle and I’m much happier. I tried a few diets but didn’t have the willpower to refuse sweet things. I spent 80% of my day thinking about food. Now I think ‘urgh, how can you eat that?’ It has worked for me permanently, so it can work for you.”

The easiest way to do gastric band hypnosis

Coming to see me for a course of at least five hypnosis sessions at my City Hypnosis practice in London is one way to have your virtual gastric band ‘fitted’. 

But there is now an even easier way, a virtually effortless route to losing weight: self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is a technique which allows you to experience hypnotherapy wherever you are. 

While some hypnotherapists can teach you the technique, an easier way is to have your hypnotherapist in your pocket. How does that work? I’ve created a self-hypnosis app for your phone.

Try the Subconsciously self-hypnosis app

With Subconsciously, all you need to do is download and subscribe to the app to access my tailored hypnotherapy sessions. Once you have it on your phone, you can listen to my sessions, hear my voice, and feel like I’m there in the room with you.

There are a range of programmes on Subconsciously dealing with a range of issues that people experience, from phobias and addictions to things that cause them chronic anxiety.

The gastric band programme is being downloaded and used by many Subconsciously users who are finding it to be the solution they’ve always sought. I thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Grab your missing willpower today and get your gastric band self-hypnosis underway.  

FAQs about gastric band hypnosis

I appreciate that these concepts may be new and unfamiliar to you, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Does gastric band hypnosis work?

Yes it does. I won’t sit here and claim that it works for 100% of people. With hypnosis, your desire to make the change is a key first step. For people determined and willing to make the leap, it has worked for many, and will work for you too.

Is it safe?

Absolutely risk-free. There is nothing invasive, either physically or mentally. It is simply the power of suggestion and your subconscious mind doing the work.

How will I feel after?

Most people report feeling empowered, happy, changed, and that they feel satisfied and full after eating smaller amounts of food.

Why not just go on a diet?

Many people diet, and some people achieve success. The problem is that diets never last forever. One you tire of limiting your calories on a daily basis, or denying yourself the tastier foods, you can often put on more weight than before you first dieted. 

Hypnosis is designed to make lasting changes. Just as if you’d had a gastric band physically fitted, the visual gastric band can last a lifetime.

How much does it cost?

Different hypnotherapists charge different prices. For an in-person session you can get in touch with me at City Hypnosis to enquire.

The Subconsciously app has a range of subscription costs that are easily affordable and far far cheaper than both in-person hypnotherapy and gastric band surgery.

Still need more info?

If you want to discuss gastric band hypnosis further please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal chat.

You can also read up more about the process here.